Open Mic / Discussion of the Month / eCOLUMNS Archive

In addition to two journals (ACT and TOPICS), MDG offers additional content, including:

  • Open Mic: A feature that opens the floor to member commentary. It’s the ideal spot for blog-post types of items that deserve greater exposure and open discussion.
  • Discussions of the Month: These include articles and other long-form posts intended to spark discussion.
  • eCOLUMNS: Archives of reports and posts on a number of topics, such as Community Music in Action, Curriculum and Assessment, Digital Media in Music Education, Music, Equity, and Social Justice, Music Education in Urban Contexts, Policy in Music Education, Rural Music Education, Students for a Change

You can join the discussions via our two social media options:

 Join the discussion on the “The MayDay Group Interest Group” Facebook Group

 Join the discussion on Twitter using #MDGdiscussion

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