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Below you will find links to past eCOLUMNS posts. eCOLUMNS posts are organized into the following categories:

Community Music in Action

A column on community music, both in schools (public and ‘community music schools’ of whatever name) and as social change.

Curriculum and Assessment

Dealing with major issues and changes in curriculum and assessment facing music educators today.

Digital Media in Music Education

Focusing on the use of technology in music and music education

Music, Equity, and Social Justice

A dialog about race and gender as aspects of social justice in music education and its practices.

Music Education in Urban Contexts

Weekly discussions about music and education and their relation to subjects particularly pertinent to urban centers.

Policy in Music Education

Dialogs dealing with policy and the decisions made regarding music education in systems and institutions.

Rural Music Education

The unique and challenging experience of teaching and learning music in rural schools.

Students for a Change

Students reading and reacting to the Action Ideals and other topics they encounter in their degree programs and in the teaching profession.


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