Change and Theory for Music Education –
(ACT) Action, Criticism, and Theory for Music Education

ACT publishes refereed and invited critical, analytical, theoretical, and policy development articles of international interest that illuminate, extend or challenge the Action Ideals of the MayDay Group. Critically-informed scholarship from a broad range of disciplinary perspectives is welcomed: music, education, philosophy, sociology, history, psychology, curriculum theory, and others. Frequency of issues is determined by submissions, approvals, and technical preparation.

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Themes, Opinions, Practice, Innovation, Curriculum, & Strategies (TOPICS) 

TOPICS is intended to fill the gap between music education scholarship and practice.  In particular, it focuses on the “practice” (practical, praxial, pragmatic) side of the “theory into practice” and “practice into theory” problematic by publishing papers, articles, documents, and other texts that that make a contribution to praxis and praxial theory.  Thus, the focus of such scholarly articles will be on issues of relevance to music education praxis internationally, and the intended audience will be music education students, school music, community and private music teachers, and professors largely engaged with preparing undergraduate and master’s level music education students.  These articles will also be of interest to doctoral students, who may also author them as part of their important bridging of the worlds of practitioners and professors. All articles will be aligned or consonant with the Action Ideals of the MDG, as published on its website.  TOPICS intends to be media rich and will gladly accommodate video, audio, and graphic features.

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