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These remarkable audio clips appear here courtesy of Professor Clarke Mackey, Department of Film Studies, Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, Canada.

They were featured on his 1998 web site, Memory Palace: Vernacular Culture in the Digital Age, “an audio-visual documentary web site committed to questioning conventional assumptions about art and culture.” They originally appeared on his web site in a now-dated Real Player format, and appear here in MP3 format for MayDay Group use. Please contact Professor Mackey at for more information. More files to follow!

Ivan Illich

Ivan Illich 1 On the cultural construction of the “law” of supply & demand.


Ivan Illich 2 On language as a medium for the creation of an administrative state and its subjects



R. Murray Schafer

R Murray Schafer 1 On music’s separation from environment: its placement ‘behind walls.’


R Murray Schafer 2 On music as communal, ritualized action: as “10-fingered grasp” rather than abstr/action.



Christopher Small

Christopher Small 1 On music as ritualistic affirmation of particular social relationships: “classical” music as the experience of “vicarious triumph.”


Christopher Small 2 “The most fruitful way to think about music is as an act.”


Christopher Small 3 On the history of jazz as quest for greater intimacy, directness, decentralized community.



Raymond Williams

Raymond Williams 1 On compulsory education’s trivialization and exclusion of “the local.”


Raymond Williams 2 On the supposed “democratizing” functions of technological advances.


Raymond Williams 3 On the split between political and economic imperatives, and democracy as direct access to decision making.


Raymond Williams 4 On creating incompetence through schooling: “If you can’t do it well enough, you might as well forget it.”


Raymond Williams 5 To be cultivated means learning to shut up.


Raymond Williams 6 On the linkage between the notions of the fixed work and the notion of “property”: The paradoxical result the “work” concept is that it cuts the process off from those on whom its success depends.