General Resource Links

The following links have been identified as containing information, resources, and references that may be useful for music educators concerned with “Action for Change in Music Education” and, thus, with being informed about a range of topics, disciplines, and content that are germane to better music education but are not usually encountered by music teachers. However, this listing is presented as ‘for your information and consideration’ and should not be construed as an endorsement of the organizations, individuals, institutions, and others, that sponsor the sites.

Arranging House Concerts

Contemporary Aesthetics

Critical Theory of Education

Critical Pedagogy

Illuminations: The Critical Theory Website

Music Education Resources РSibelius Academy

Music and Science Information Computer Archive

Philosophy of Action

Project Zero at Harvard Grad School of Education

The Pragmatism Cybrary

The Field of Music Cognition

The Future of Classical Music: An eBook in Progress

US Department of Education National Center for Education Statistics

Visions of Research in Music Education

History of Public Education in the United States