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Welcome to the Policy and Music Education eColumn. Understanding and influencing policy is crucial if music educators are to have some degree of control over the destiny of our profession. We need to develop a body of research literature, the capacity to engage in policy studies, and the ability to influence policy makers. The first step is to develop a cadre of scholars engaged in music education policy research. To do this, we need to provide forums for people interested in policy research to meet, share and disseminate research, and exchange ideas. This eColumn will contribute to that cause. It will be a place for people to share and exchange. I encourage everyone interested in policy research to participate in this column. There are three other places to engage in dialogue about policy research in music education as follows:

Boston University Music Education Policy Project

International Society for Music Education Commission on Policy

Society for Music Teacher Education Policy ASPA

In addition to participating in this eColumn, I encourage you to join the SMTE Policy ASPA, participate in the ISME Policy Commission, and participate in the Boston University Music Education Policy Project blog. Generating discussion is the first step toward building the policy capacity and expertise we need as a profession.


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